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Spero is committed to providing a global platform for connecting and networking retirees with refugees at the local level. We encourage and facilitate with the formation of unique, real, and reciprocal relationships between retirees and refugees through our app and website.



The Spero movement employs actors from retiree, refugee, and religious organizational sectors. From the retiree sector, Spero requires participation from organizations like AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and BAGSO (Germany’s federal association of senior organizations). From the refugee aid sector, Spero requires participation from organizations like WR (World Relief ) and the IRC (International Rescue Committee).


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Here is an example of how matching and meeting works once you have submitted your answers to the in-app surveys:


“Since losing my husband last year and retiring from teaching a few years ago, I have a lot of time on my hands and live comfortably. My adult children live out of town, so it has been worthwhile for me to spend time with Ayah and her family.”


“Older people seem to understand our needs as refugees in a better way; they have a lot of patience and life experience. We have exchanged lots of cultural things over meals, and Christina has become part of our family. She even comes to my children’s sporting events and birthday parties.”


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